Site Map

Design and Implementation of this website

This website was designed and implemented by the principal using the following languages/libraries:

Content is maintained in HTML, style is controlled using CSS, and the images were generated using native PostScript code converted into gif format.
The navigation bars and the site map are automatically generated using C++ code and the DOM.

No Javascriptâ„¢ or other scripting language is currently used on this site.
No frames or iframes are used either. These two facts allow for transparent and reliable bookmarking.

The banner logo is a transmogrified Sierpinski gasket fractal (Hausdorff dimension 1.585). The points are determined stochastically and the RGB colors are interpolated from the distance to the pre-transmogrified triangle corners.

Testing is performed routinely on Safari (Mac OS X), Internet Explorer 7+ (Windows), and Chrome (Mac and Windows).

Please report any problems you encounter regardless of your system/browser/device to tom@tstockfisch.com .